We Provide companies with Qualified Trained Professional Saudi Talent with Flexible Contracts

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In munjiz

We are keen to provide the full needs of the businesses by connecting them with trained and qualified Saudi youths to accomplish certain tasks through the flexible contract system.

What is munjiz

munjiz is a Saudi platform that is specialized in hourly-based staffing (Flexible Jobs); by providing businesses with reliable and qualified Saudi youths to work in various sectors, such as Retail, Hospitality, Event management, and other sectors; thus, enabling businesses to complete their work with high efficiency and flexibility in line with their needs in seasonality and peak times.

Our Purpose

Empower the Saudi youths to exploit their potential and build their future by getting exposure to the labor market to develop their skills and competencies at an early stage while they are studying.

Organize flexible working within the labor market system.

Provide an interactive environment that encourages students and graduates to gain the necessary skills and expertise.

Implementation of the interactive education system for university students.



We connect companies with qualified and trained Saudi munjizeen with a flexible contract system.


The munjiz applies for the opportunities and start working.


We follow the attendance of our munjizeen and provide full reports to the companies


We follow up on the evaluation of the munjiz and then we process payments

Our munjizeen are ready to work in




Resturants and Cafes

Opportunities currently available

With the ability of covering all cities of Saudi Arabia